Technology for Physicians

Put 1st Care MD’s telemedicine expertise to work for you.

1st Care MD premier patient portal: concierge level telemedicine

You can provide your patients with a level of service that is the most convenient way to access your medical expertise and does so in a cost effective way for you. Our PC based solution allows your patients to login to your branded secure website, report their current alignment, and request a telemedicine appointment. The paperwork, which can be modified to your specific requirements, is transmitted securely to your office for follow up. Each patient’s encounters are tracked within the 1stCare system and through your existing EMR.

The system allows you to see more patients, bill more fees, and doesn’t require a busy waiting room. Of course your nurse or physician’s assistant can prescreen the encounters to ensure that patients receive the exact level of care they require whether it be an in-person visit, nurse advice, treatment from your physician’s assistant, or a complex treatment plan personally developed by you.

Your own Remote Clinic powered by 1st Care MD

Have you ever wanted to open a second office but don’t know how to accommodate the travel time or make up for the cost of being out of your primary facility? 1st Care MD has the answer – our technology allows you to almost be at two places at the same time.

By partnering with 1st Care MD® you can use telemedicine technology to significantly reduce the operating expenses of on-site clinics while increasing the quality of care and expanding the services you can offer patients, especially compared to doc-in-the-box centers.

The 1st Care MD® on-site clinic model emphasizes quality, cost-effectiveness and convenience. You can now feature expanded office hours with concierge-level medical coverage. Your full-time nurse or clinical assistant staffs the clinic and is responsible for greeting the patient, operating the equipment, administering basic medicine, explaining the treatment plan, processing insurance claims and collecting fees.

The equipment used is the InTouch RP-7, the only FDA-approved remote presence device that connects class II medical devices, including stethoscopes, otoscopes, and ultrasound, along with high-definition sound and video, providing you with state-of-the-art capabilities. It’s currently being used in over 700 facilities.

Using telemedicine, you can deliver valuable medical services at a lower cost by leveraging a single physician resource across multiple clinics. So, while your operating costs are lower than clinics that have on-site nurse practitioners, your level of service is higher and a single physician resource can support multiple clinics.

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