Don't Let Chronic Pain and/or Addiction Ruin Your Life

Topical Pain Creams are safer & more effective than narcotic painkillers.

Our physician prescribed, insurance accepted topical pain creams can meet your unique pain management needs. Topical prescription pain creams will have the optimum dosage and frequency of administration to match a personalized plan, necessary for pain management.

Topical medications are applied topically directly to the affected area. The medication is absorbed through the skin, delivering high concentrations of very effective medications to the location of pain. This method may improve pain control, reduce side effects, decrease the need for oral medications and result in fewer drug-drug interactions.

This custom approach can reduce pain and significantly improve your quality of life.

Top 10 Reasons Prescription Pain Creams Are Excellent For Pain Relief

Prescription pain creams offer relief for many conditions and are safe, effective, and FDA approved.

  1. Direct Pain Relief
    Creams are applied directly where the pain is absorption is through the skin.
  2. Minimal Bloodstream Absorption
    The prescription cream stays where it is applied, it does not reach the bloodstream, and there little to no systemic effects in the body.
  3. Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
    Works well for acute injuries and for flare ups.
  4. Minimal if any side effects
  5. No organ toxicity
    Does not get into the bloodstream. No effect on organs liver, kidney, or heart. No hormone alterations - chronic pain medications often lead to hormone deficiencies which can lead to libido issues, low energy, fatigue.
  6. Non-Addictive
    Excellent pain relief with NO controlled substances. The weight of medical evidence indicates that while opioids are highly effective — and usually the drugs of choice — in relieving acute severe pain, they are only moderately effective in treating longterm chronic pain, and their effectiveness can diminish over time. In addition, the long-term use of opioids has been linked to a decrease in sex hormones leading to both a loss of interest in sex and impaired sexual function; and a decline in immune function, constipation, tolerance, alteration of thinking, loss of concentration, and cognitive deficits.
  7. Non-sedating
    No sleepiness, drowsiness, fatigue or lowenergy; and no insomnia for those that experience a paradoxical effect
  8. Odor free
  9. No Drug Interaction Risk
    The average Medicare patient takesmedications. The last thing one wants to do is add another medication to the mix that could potentially cause a problematic drug interaction. The problem of polypharmacy is exacerbated by the fact that multiple conditions are often treated by different specialists, many of whom are not in communication with one another.
  10. Decision Making Capacity Intact
    Pain creams don't sedate, don't alter the ability to think clearly, and don't affect decisionmaking ability.

Pain Can Come From All Of The Following

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