You can't afford not to provide every employee with a 1stCare MD membership

Why Telemedicine

1stCare MD knows that you and the majority of employers nationwide struggle to reduce the impact of spiraling healthcare costs. That's why we created a real healthcare benefit that appeals to your entire employee base - Telemedicine. It's convenient, cost effective & increases employee productivity. Your part time employees can afford it and your executives will use it - you can choose to subsidize any part of it and we'll manage all billing & reporting. And, if you are considering an on-site clinic for your employess, or if you have one that needs help, we have a great solution for you.

Telemedicine programs can replace 70% of primary care physician visits & reduce every unnecessary ER visit:

  • Design your own plan - monthly premium, co-pay, etc.
  • Save money on every encounter

On-site clinics

Telemedicine clinics are much more cost effective than traditional clinics because a single physician can be leveraged across multiple clinics.

The physician is always the largest cost factor of a clinic. 1stCare MD can restructure your clinic, using your existing resources or we can supply physicians and nurses as needed.

Telemedicine is effective, effecient, and easy to implement

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About Our Programs

Each plan and physician network offer savings & quality in every aspect.

We create low monthly payment options for individual & family plans.

We reduce costs and increase productivity while helping employees live a healthy lifestyle saving money on routine medical expenses.

Call today to learn how we can seamlessly integrate into your current benefits package to save you and your employees a great deal of money while increasing convenience, productivity and service levels.

Telemedicine is "concierge level medicine"

We also manage on-site telemedicine clinics

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